Christopher Hütmannsberger Translations

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Christopher Hütmannsberger lives and works in Vienna since 2010.
He grew up bilingual in English and German in the midst of the local art and culture scene in Linz, Austria, in which his parents Aileen Derieg and Peter Hütmannsberger were involved for many years. Since he was a teenager he has been performing as a hiphop musician and spoken word performer. He raps mostly in English and performs at poetry slams, readings, etc. mostly in German, and studying English at the University of Vienna has only increased his passionate interest in language.
He originally started translating plays purely out of interest and his love of theater, but as his talent for translating became increasingly evident, other people started asking him to translate subtitles for films and short texts for art projects. Through these experiences he began taking a greater interest in his mother's translation work, eventually leading to the idea of taking over her business upon her retirement.
Since Fall 2017, Aileen Derieg and Christopher Hütmannsberger have been working closely together in preparation for this transition.

Starting April 2018 Christopher has taken over Aileen Derieg's translation work, along with the email address


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