My Summer of Multitasking

Long-term project (from now through September): Translating a book about the history and development of network society. This history is an important part of my own history too, so I am happy and excited to be able to work through it with this translation.

Parallel to the book:
Mid-term project (until mid-August): Now that three fantastic exhibitions have been opened at Lentos (with a wonderful opening talk by Stella Rollig), it's time to start working in one of my favorite teams on the catalogue for a coming exhibition, which includes texts by some of my favorite authors.

In between the book and the exhibition catalogue:
Short-term project (this month): Translating beautiful shorter texts for a publication for another local artist.

So now everyone else can please go away and enjoy your summer holidays. I will just be here at my computer working on so many fascinating and important words.